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We deal with people and understand their capabilities. We are driven by people’s power, their knowledge and capacity for innovation. We endeavor to enhance people’s reach. We share our knowledge with our customers so that they can manage their human resources most effectively.


Our manpower solutions are so simple and innovative that our clients feel quite at ease dealing with us. We supply the right quality of manpower with appropriate skills after accurately assessing their capabilities. This is made possible by adopting the right selection processes and training. We have designed a system that ensures the best match between the needs of our clients and the ability and skills of our employees. The right quality is ensured due to:

  • Our learning center which provides numerous educational courses to enable our employees to maintain the cutting edge of their careers

  • Right language skills ensure the competence in major business languages.

  • To meet the client’s particular needs, tailor-made software training is provided to develop the required skills of the staff.

  • We have developed a method to assess the level of competence, quality consciousness, and accuracy.

  • We continuously keep evaluating the capabilities of our secretarial support staff.

Our greatest assets are the people. Since we deal with people so closely, it is imperative that we understand their mindset and exploit the same to the best advantage of our customers. Williams Consulting is committed to providing the human resource services that help businesses achieve their vision. At Williams Consulting, we focus on staffing quality as sincerely as you may like to focus on your core business. We really are not deterred by the size of the task. Whether you need one executive or hundreds of them, we are capable of delivering. We love to work for you. We offer a variety of services delivery options which include:

  • Total HR Solutions

  • Quality assessment testing and training for any type of job.

  • Technical and traditional staffing resources from IT professionals, top grade engineers to innovative managers.

  • Staffing solutions to match the fluctuations in personnel requirements.

  • Molding employee’s skill-set to match the needs of a changing workplace.

  • Programs to ensure a positive transition for outgoing employees.

Through our comprehensive e-commerce program, we have been able to transform both, the candidate and customer sides of our business. This task is quite difficult; more so, when one considers the complexity of a business whose service is the procurement of human resources. To be one of the best in the country, we provide high-value staffing services and cater for high-quality employment opportunities.


The spirit of Williams Consulting has been embodied by the dedicated pursuit of excellence by our consultants. Our consultants have not only the specialized skills that our services require but also the ability to visualize the overall picture in treading the path ahead. Proud of our outstanding track record, we are able to provide our clients with the best talent that the country has to offer. We are rated highly among our clients. Presently we are associated with some of the best blue chip companies spread across the country.


We are recognized for our excellent value addition to each assignment we undertake. Williams Consulting is managed by a group of young and dedicated professionals who work in a fully web-enabled environment. We are poised for aggressive growth in coming years. Having established its credentials with Indian clients, the company has prepared a blueprint to commence its foray into foreign countries, in near future. We plan to grow at a tremendous pace without sacrificing any of our core values.


Industries Served

Industries Served

Professionals Placed


  • Plant Head

  • Manufacturing Head

  • CFO

  • CEO

  • Director-Ops

  • Head – HR

  • Head Finance

  • General manager – Accounts

  • IT Head

  • Sr. Developers

  • Project Managers

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